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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Useless Information?

A longtime friend of my husbands' (I won't give his name because he works in finance & this is kind of a silly post) has taught me an easier way to open a banana. I must preface this post by saying, I never really thought that opening a banana was difficult to begin with. It seems that while observing monkeys for an extended period of time, our friend realized that they don't peel their bananas the way we do. Instead of peeling the banana from the stem (which I believe is the "traditional" human way), a monkey will use the stem as a handle & lightly pinch the bottom of the banana & peel from there. It really is easier. I told you this was a silly post!


dfkkfds said...

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alex said...

I often peel bananas like this, it's how I learnt when I was a little girl.Actually, now I use the two ways but it's true it's easier to do "the monkeys way"! and seriously I thought that lot of people were doing that way! I was wrong!lol