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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forces of Nature

With wildfires raging in Southern California, I wanted to let you know that our home, family & pets are safe. Thank you for the e-mails expressing concern. We've got fires burning all around us (Malibu, Santa Clarita, etc.) We had a scare the other day when winds shifted, the sky suddenly turned black & orange, the power & phones went out. But just as quickly, the skies cleared & utilities came back on. We're not being evacuated, the kids' schools are open. The winds are stronger than I've ever felt. Huge branches keep dropping from our trees blocking the driveway, but we quickly pull them out of the way. Several hundred thousand people have been evacuated & the current numbers say at least 1,000 homes have been lost. Please keep those who are in danger in your thoughts & prayers.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bonaduce -vs- FairPlay

So Many Choices!

Have you ever noticed that you can go weeks without any special plans & then suddenly you'll be invited to three events that are all on the same day & time? It seems to happen to me all the time, but this month more than ever. My sister scheduled a wine tasting party the same night my good friends planned our annual trek to Knott's Scary Farm (hard decision, but family wins). I'm invited to London for work, my husband's 20 year high school reunion & Mario Lopez' birthday party all fall on the same weekend (hubby wins, but really only because of last minute travel problems with London). Just this week I was asked to be a presenter at the Annual ERA (Electronic Retail Awards) in Las Vegas the same night as the Fox Reality Really Awards. I tried my hardest to attend both. I'm really fascinated by the whole Direct Response Industry & I was looking forward to all the educational seminars at the convention. Plus, I was flattered that they asked me (a fledgling host) to present. But the Fox Reality Awards is a REALLY fun event, I have tons of friends who work there, I have a great time doing the Reality Remix Roundtable & I am truly a fan of reality television. I was also one of the judges for the awards this year. At the event virtually every reality star from every reality show hangs out in a fun, casual, booze filled venue. Last year I saw "parts" of Chynna Doll that I'm still trying to erase from my brain! My initial plan was to attend the ERA show & all the events, present the award & fly straight to LA for the Fox party. Hey, I would already be in a cute dress, it could have worked! But, I decided it was a crazy idea & I was having so much fun in Vegas that I decided to stay. Check out the clip of all the excitement that I missed at The Really Awards! Reality Stars mixed with alcohol always makes must see TV!