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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forces of Nature

With wildfires raging in Southern California, I wanted to let you know that our home, family & pets are safe. Thank you for the e-mails expressing concern. We've got fires burning all around us (Malibu, Santa Clarita, etc.) We had a scare the other day when winds shifted, the sky suddenly turned black & orange, the power & phones went out. But just as quickly, the skies cleared & utilities came back on. We're not being evacuated, the kids' schools are open. The winds are stronger than I've ever felt. Huge branches keep dropping from our trees blocking the driveway, but we quickly pull them out of the way. Several hundred thousand people have been evacuated & the current numbers say at least 1,000 homes have been lost. Please keep those who are in danger in your thoughts & prayers.


Brophtron said...

It's good to know that you are safe, though it's sad to hear of others losing their homes at this difficult time. Hopefully there will be some rain and a decrease in the wind soon.

alex said...

hi Erin,
happy to know that your family is not concerned by the wildfire. When I heard about that I have to admit that I was a worried for you.
I wish it'll stop soon.
best wishes

GaryB said...

Hi Erin,
Thanx for the post.
Having been through simular 10 months ago, it is incredible that life's circumstances can be changed so dramaticaly by a wind change, or a little rain.
I hope all remains safe for yourself and family.