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Friday, January 05, 2007

Flight Styles of The Semi-Famous

I've mentioned before about bumping into celebrities on flights & it's happened again! This week I had to travel for work, so I was sitting in first class (hooray!). I'm a big people watcher & I love airports. I like to pass time by trying to figure out everyones' "back story" as they get on the plane (businessman flying to a convention, former athlete flying to a speaking engagement, young author flying to meet her publisher, etc.). A man with black tinted glasses entered the plane & I thought: former actor...Mickey Rourke? It took just a second for me to realize it was Anson Williams! If you don't know who Anson Williams is, shame on you. He was Potsie on Happy Days for 10 years. Amazingly, I was the only person on the plane who seemed to recognize him. I was chatting with the flight attendants & they (what a coincidence) brought up flying with famous people. They had just flown with Nick Lachey (in their words "so polite & totally hot"). I asked if they recognized the guy in 3 C. Hey, Potsie was the "hot guy" on Happy Days (remember the episode where Joanie calls him "Dren" because it's the opposite of nerd?) & these flight attendants were my age. Neither one recognized him, even after looking at his name on the passenger list. After we landed, our eyes met & we both smiled. I don't know how others react when faced with the famous. Do you say you're a fan? Do you acknowledge their fame? I asked him to retrieve my bag from the overhead compartment.
I IMDBd him on my laptop in the hotel (looked him up on the Internet Movie Database, which isn't really very accurate). I learned that his real name is Anson William Heimlich & his uncle, Dr. Henry Heimlich, created the "Heimlich maneuver". I also found out that he now has a great career as a director. I'm glad.


alex said...

I think that's weird the way you react when you someone famous! actually you react a little bit like me but the difference between you and I is that I'm not famous! I thought that stars, like you, had no reactions when they see famous people. Apparently not!
oh, and I laughed when I saw you IMDb him since I did exactly the same for you! lol...

Brophtron said...

I guess it depends on the place and the person. I saw one of the brothers who owned "Jordans Furniture" (OK, they're famous in Massachusetts) at a restaurant in Boston and I did the head nod, which I figure says that he knows that I recognize him without engaging him in conversation (I had never bought from the store, which are known as much for their attractions as the furniture).

This past Summer I saw Kerri Russell on Martha's Vineyard (her boyfriend lives there). She was 2 people behind me at a local take-out food place. She knew that people had recognized her, but it seemed more like a time to keep some elbow room. It's too bad I hadn't run into her on the beach!

Octolad said...

I remember seeing a piece on Anson Williams in some teen mag when I was a little, and briefly thinking how cool it would be to have him for a big brother (having given up on my Rob-Reiner-as-big-brother kick).

A bit of free-association ties your career with Anson Williams' nicely: You played TV's first witch/mortal half-breed; he directed TV's second with his turn at "Sabrina The Teenage Witch."

Cool to learn that his uncle was "the" Heimlich. Speaking of Happy Days kin, did you know that Henry "Fonz" Winkler is first cousin to Richard Belzer?

Brophtron said...

BTW, is there any update for future appearances on "Fox Reality Remix Weekend"? I was just flipping channels and I've got the channel now!

AMonkeyinDiapers said...

oh Erin- I love that you remember the "Dren" episode.
That's when I had to telkl my 3rd grade teacher that I could no longer give her love notes- as my heart now belonged to Erin Moran (Joannie Cunningham). ha