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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Room For Improvement?

I'm all for any product that will make your life easier, more organized or more attractive. I was looking online for closet organization supplies to help me contain my massive shoe & handbag collection, when I stumbled across the contraption pictured at left. My first thought was "Now THAT'S something new!". Designers take inspiration from any number of sources. Obviously this designer was inspired by...the hamster wheel. I don't know if it really "revolutionizes the fine art of shoe storage", but it is unique. It doesn't appear to take up less space & would benefit from little plastic doors to keep the shoes from getting dusty. I don't think I'd use it for my designer pumps, but it might work for sandals & sneakers. The kids would probably like it, but most likely use it for action figures & their pet tortoise. Oh well, I admire anyone who tries to create something new. According to their site, the item is sold out until the end of February.

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alex said...

It could be useful... I like that invention. I'm going to tell my mom about this since she has got a lot of shoes! lol (she loves shoes so much that I call her CĂ©line Dion! lol) :p