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Saturday, January 20, 2007

American Idol

We're two episodes into season 6 of American Idol & I think I'm the only person in America who prefers watching the really talented people audition. There's something a little sad about knowing that the really bad /odd singers had to audition before several panels of producers before they're finally able to perform for Randy, Simon & Paula. Each step along the way, as they see their numbers whittled down from the 10,000 people who show up, to the 100 that get before the judges, they probably get a little boost in confidence & think "Hey, I AM a good singer". Then at the end of a very long day, they find out that they've really only been strung along for comic relief. Don't get me wrong, I really like American Idol & America still LOVES American Idol. The 2-hour season premiere had 37.3 million viewers & 36.9 million people watched the Wednesday night episode. These were the two biggest nights of prime-time entertainment on Fox since it came onto the air nearly two decades ago. To put the numbers into perspective, the most popular show on TV so far this season, ABC's "Desperate Housewives," averages 20.7 million viewers a week - or a little more than half of what "Idol" delivered upon its return. My favorite Simon comment so far was directed at the girl who blamed her dry throat on her bad performance: "You could lie in a bath with your mouth open and you still couldn't sing."


alex said...

ohh, we've got the same in France but the title is "à la recherche de la nouvelle star", why not "France Idol"? it would be shorter! we love to complicate things! lol. anyway, as you I like to watch really talented people but I have to admit that the 3 or 4 very first episodes are really funny! some people really don't fear the shame at all! lol
ps: may I ask you smth? will it bother you if I translate your blog for a french one? it'd be a good exercise for one of my cours, i'll improve a little bit since I really need it! if yopu accept I'll give you the link... ;-)

Erin Murphy said...

Of course you can translate my blog. I'm flattered that you asked!

alex said...

hi! thanks for your permission ;-)
actually I had already begun to translate it but I prefered to ask you before to put it online. Now it is, I've done it few minutes ago, I give you the link:

alex said...

ps: you can post comments on your own blog! lol

Marlo said...

I like watching the Auditons.
I heard Olivia Newton-John is guest judging. -squee-

And, I've heard a rumour that Benny Andersson + Bjorn Ulvaeus (of ABBA fame) are going to be on ABBA week.

Man, I wish I could do ABBA week. I know like an endless about of ABBA songs, and when are you going to hear someone sing 'Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother' or 'The Visitors' on AI? Never, that's when, and it makes me sad. D:

My friends are making me try out for Canadian Idol, next year, when I hit 16. If you pick up Canadian TV, I may be on. xD