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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Daily Diary

Today I'm going to share with my blog readers a blog that I read. It's called Dorothys' Daily Diary & I love it! The site is a teenagers' diary from the forties with all her thoughts on life, friends & dating, lovingly transcribed by her son. It has information added by Dorothys' sister on the people & places mentioned & also includes headlines from the day. The diary is updated daily with Dorothys' entry from the same date in 1945. It's such a personal site and really offers a fascinating glimpse at a different time.


Marlo said...

ooh, sounds neat. i'll check it out. :P

Brophtron said...

It's a really interesting project and a good glimpse to a different time. I never found a diary from my mother, but going through her things after she passed gave me a better appreciation of who she was.

alex said...

oh waou, I think that's a pretty cool site...What's your secret to find good websites like this one? lol