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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lilo and Her Stitches

I have a confession to make (please don't throw anything): I like Lindsay Lohan. I'm not the type of person to base my opinion of someone on what's written about them in the press. Besides, there are always so many conflicting stories that I wouldn't even know what to believe. I like her as an actress (What's not to like?). Freaky Friday: Her remake was better than the Jodie Foster original. Parent Trap: Even folks who aren't LiLo fans, begrudgingly agree that she was great in this. Mean Girls...I liked it enough that some of my middle aged friends & I greeted eachother with "Hey Mean Girl" for a couple weeks. I prefer her as a redhead (as opposed to Prairie Home Companion blonde or Bobby brown). I don't know why anyone with real red hair would ever consider coloring it. Another plus is that Lindsay truly loves fashion & usually (not always) makes pretty good (or at least interesting) style choices. One more confession: I didn't even recognize her in her new Miu Miu campaign!


iceyan118 said...
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Brophtron said...

With that wig and all the makeup, you can't even tell it's her - what's the point of using someone famous if they can't be recognized?