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Friday, December 08, 2006


I love to find cool websites. I also love to tell my friends about them. One of my favorites is: You can enter any address, plus the city, state & it will show you aerial photos from four angles. The photos are so high quality, you can clearly see your car in the driveway or your dog in the backyard. You can also scroll around the photos to get information on the neighbors. The site is a fantastic tool for home buyers & sellers because they give you a "zestimate" or accurate current value of the home. For my really nosy readers, you can even find out what your neighbors paid for their home.


Brophtron said...

Zillow is a cool site; I've known about it for awhile now - a friend is on some of the town planning boards and she uses zillow when making presentations.

One thing about those aerial views - they're not too up to date. I just looked at my neighborhood and the photo is over a year old - I can tell because the trees on the cul-de-sac have been gone since early Spring, yet there they are in the picture.

In fact, I just checked out my old house - my old car is parked in my old parking spot and the land that we sold a year ago doesn't have the house that now stands there.

Be sure to change the angles - North, South, East and West - different views were taken on different times or even days. One angle on the local train depot showed almost nobody parked there (Saturday, based on surrounding business traffic); another angle showed a packed house - definitely a weekday.

Definitely a cool site.

Erin Murphy said...

They just updated the Zillow photos of our house. It shows the neighbors landscaping their front yard & it must be a weekend, since there are no cars at the elementary school & both our cars are in the driveway, instead of the garage.

alex said...

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Brophtron said...

Interesting - I'll have to check back on the site from time to time to see when they update my area!

bewitchgirl said...

Dear Ms. Murphy I loved you as Tabatha. I would love to have an autograph of you and Diane

Elizabeth Kennedy
4137 East Galbraith Rd #7
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

bewitchgirl said...

Did you know that Cynthia Black was the first to play Tabatha
Debut on January 13
Heidi and Laura Gentry twins replaced Cynthia
replaced by Julie and Tamar Young
Erin Murphy and Diane replace Tamar twins?

Marlo said...

I wonder if I can see my penpal's house. :\