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Monday, December 04, 2006

Almost Famous

Have you ever been on a flight with someone famous? Have you ever noticed how the buzz fills the plane, until everyone knows there's a celeb on board?
I remember taking a cross country flight years ago & Joan Van Ark (from Knot's Landing) was in front of me. I watched her put on makeup for at least an hour. Friday I took a quick trip to Vegas aboard Southwest Airlines. If you haven't flown Southwest, they're an airline that doesn't assign seats & doesn't have first class (you're put into groups A, B, or C depending on when you check-in. I check-in online 24 hours in advance, so I'm always in group A). On my first flight, I learned that Sinbad was aboard the plane. During the entire 50 minute flight, one flight attendant was trying to explain to the other flight attendant who Sindbad was. Sample conversation: "He's a comic, he had his own show." "You mean Martin?" "No, that's Martin Lawrence." "Is he the guy with all the jewelry?" "No, That's Mr. T.". I was so tempted to say "He was in Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger". But, I didn't think naming a 10 year old, slightly obscure film would have helped. Speaking of guys "with all the jewelry", on my return flight Flavor Flav was aboard. He was traveling alone & very friendly. In case anyone might not recognize him, he was actually wearing one of those giant clock necklaces. His other long gold chain got tangled in his carry on bag as he stowed it overhead. It was like watching an I Love Lucy skit. Even an older couple across from me knew who he was. A word of advice for Sinbad: Get on a reality show or hire Flavor Flav's publicist.


DrBombay76 said...

It's nice to hear that Flavor Flav is a nice roommate was totally addicted to his show so we had to watch a lot:)

Brophtron said...

I have to say, I've never flown with a celbrity on board, but I don't fly often. I know someone who used to work for an airline who ran into celebs ALL the time.

Too bad that one stewardess didn't know Sinbad - he's actually a "clean" comic; he doesn't talk a lot of trash.

Flav seems like a nice guy from the shows, but I don't know about the women in "Flavor of Love". They seem a little wild to me, but maybe that's what Flav likes.

But the important question - did you win anything in Vegas, or did it all just STAY in Vegas?

Erin Murphy said...

I didn't even get a chance to gamble in Vegas (although I am a fan of black jack). I was there for less than 24 hours.

Jerry said...

Shame brophtron… What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! LOL, I'm kidding with you! I once flew from LA to New Orleans with Ray Charles on board. We had a lay over in Dallas and it was enough time to head outside for a smoke break (back when I smoked) His traveling companion asked me for a lighter to light Mr. Charles cigarette. I was pretty excited, but I didn't say anything to him, just was in awe. I do scan first class when I board the plane, especially on flights to and from LA to see if I recognize anyone, I never do. In regards to Sinbad, I would have known him as the big black comic from Star Search.