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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Survival of the Cutest!

Last week I met JP Calderon from Survivor at a party. I ran into him again at an event last night & he told me that he reads my blog. So, I told him that I'd write about him. There's a funny phenomenon on the show Survivor. Every season an attractive, athletic guy is voted out way too early. I understand that the tribe might see him as competition, but they should probably keep the really athletic guys around to win the immunity challenges & then vote them off after the merge. That's what I'd do if I were on Survivor. Last week when I met JP, he was convinced that he knew me from somewhere. He was equally convinced that it wasn't from seeing me on TV. After thinking about it a few minutes, he announced...VOLLEYBALL CAMP! I was on the volleyball team in Junior High, when I was 12. I'm pretty sure JP wasn't even born then, but who was I to argue. Luckily I have the most secure husband in the world, who only seems mildly amused when I flirt with the cute Survivor boys. Last night after JP came over to chat with me, a friend asked where I knew him from. I smiled and said "volleyball camp!".

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