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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Won a Costume Contest!

I won a costume contest last night! No, it wasn't for the costume pictured. But until I get photos, at least it's a picture of me in a Halloween costume. Yesterday was one of those crazy days where I ended up interviewing some of the kids from the Laguna Beach show and totally put off finding a costume for a party that I HAD to go to. Fifteen minutes after I was supposed to leave for the party, I realized that I had absolutely nothing to wear (sounds just like a girl, right?). So, I started frantically looking around the house & suddenly my eyes were drawn to something that was approximately the size of a dress....A bag of dog food!! I dumped the remaining dog food into a container, cut open the bottom and cut arm holes. With a little help from my husband, I pulled it over my head. I completed my little ensemble with a mini nylabone dog bone, tied in my hair. In case you're curious, a bag of dog food is a ladies size 2-4 & I'm ready for the grocery store challenge on Project Runway!


Brophtron said...

I know you don't have them yet, but PICTURES, PICTURES! We want pictures! And have you ever gotten an updated (i.e. grownup) version of that leopard outfit? Then you can do a real comparison "then and now" picture.

Erin Murphy said...

OK Broph, I posted the photo above. Sorry, no leopard comparison pics...maybe next year.

AMonkeyinDiapers said...

REMINDS me of that great line in the camp film SHOWGIRLS.

When the dancer gals talk about their salad days of living/eating poor and confess to each other that

"I loooove Doggie Chow."

great costume, Erin
and the werewolf companion idea works great.

alex said...

that's really a funny costume!!! i thinks that's a great idea!!