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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lack of Tools

Am I the only person in America without a garage full of tools? I have the basics: hammer, nails, assorted screwdrivers. I'm also proud of the fact that I have one drawer in the kitchen designated to every battery size known to man. But this week I found out that I'm missing the true necessary tools to be considered "crafty". I just filmed a few episodes of a new show for the DIY Network. We made a variety of items including candle holders made out of concrete & belt buckles out of silver clay. I've learned that to be a successful crafter you need, not only time, patience & steady hands but : a nail gun with an air compressor, a blow torch, a kiln and assorted acid sprays & stains. Does everyone but me have a workshop in their garage? Where do you park your car?


Brophtron said...

Well I have a convertible, so it's absolutely mandatory to keep it in the garage - parked CAREFULLY next to the snowblower and lawnmower.

A nail gun and a blowtorch - it sounds like I'm sadly underequipped in the tool department. It's depressing enough watching the New Yankee Workshop and seeing that I have to buy $50,000 worth of tools to build $5,000 worth of furniture; now I need power tools for my decopauge!

Any word on when the shows will air? Although I've long believed Martha Stewart to be evil (or an alien), I think I'd like to watch some serious construction that goes along with tools of destruction!

toni Marano said...

Erin, you're too pretty to be locked in your garage with a variety tools you don't know the names of. I think it's kinda of "crafty" to have the name and number of a "full time" handyman posted next to the phone. Come on now, wouldn't you rather be in a Pilates session? Sweepers anyone?

xsapph said...


your writing is pure magic, I love entering your world and discovering the facets that draw one in, become absorbing and then lead one out to another entertaining moment.

You are always an exciting discovery!


Marlo said...

I don't HAVE a garage. ;3

Marlo said...
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