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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Separated at Birth?

The new Bachelor started last night. My early picks are Sadie (the virgin publicist from Carlsbad) & Lisa (the tree hugger who drank too much and got the diamond earrings). I don't think she'll go far, but I'd pay money to see the bachelor have a hometown visit with Erica the "socialite" from Texas!

Is it just me or does Prince Lorenzo look like a cross between Balki from Perfect Strangers & Steve Carell?


AMonkeyinDiapers said...

that is brilliant
he DOES !

you should send that to

very funny

Brophtron said...

That's as eerie as those posters where the person's eyes follow you no matter where you stand in the room.

Good call!

AMonkeyinDiapers said...

more on fake Prince says

According to sources close to Prince Lorenzo, he has never visited Rome even though on the show he calls it his "second home" and producers had to enroll him in an Italian speaking class, because he doesn't know crap.

ABC claims that Lorenzo was born in Milan, but raised in Connecticut. This disputes the fact that his family lived in Short Hills, NJ since 1979.