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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

High School Confidential

High School photographs are best kept in a box. I think most folks keep them in a closet or the garage. In a perfect world, all high school photos would be kept at your parents' house where you can pull them out every few years at Thanksgiving and marvel at your lack of fashion sense and questionable hairstyles. Your siblings can safely giggle with you, because they looked just as silly. But I can't hide. Someone has posted my high school yearbook on Ebay! How do you like the feathered hair & chubby cheeks?


arfies said...

Aww, you look fine! Just be glad that although it was the '80s, you were lucky enough to *not* have a mullet. :p

Brophtron said...

Well at least you know that MY copy of that same yearbook is tucked safely away and won't see the eBay light ever again. Looks like this one came through another dealer; it's not the same person who sold me mine.

Fashion has changed a bit since then, but it looks to me like you had a pretty good high school experience. And it could be worse - there are pictures of freshmen in togas and seniors celebrating "baby day" in that yearbook - are there any other pictures in that shoebox that you're not sharing with us?!

Brophtron said...

BTW, having grown up in that era, I have a soft spot in my heart for feathered hair and I wouldn't call your cheeks "chubby".

DrBombay76 said...

You look absolutely fantastic then as you do now..and I must be looking at the a different picture because I don't see chubby cheeks!