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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Don't you love when blogs have video clips in them? So do I, but since I don't know how to do that you're going to have to visit my friends over at TVGasm ( to see our interviews with Rocky & Alex from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. For a little background, the kids on Laguna Beach aren't actors, they're high school students. So for our interview with Rocky we met her at the restaurant where she works. First she was our waitress, then we interviewed her. Talk about turning the tables on your subject! We filmed the interview the week before Halloween and the episode that had just aired was her big, ugly breakup with her boyfriend Alex. Much to our surprise, Alex came walking in to meet her. Since we're very mature "journalists", B-Side kicked me under the table. Well, they're a very sweet couple. Alex looks just like the actor James Franco & Rocky is incredibly beautiful in person. Not surprisingly they both have TV aspirations. Ahh, young love.


toni Marano said...

Cute video. Where were you all having lunch?

Erin Murphy said...

Where were you all having lunch?
Toni- I don't want to post that on here, since Rocky works there & I don't want to encourage anyone to bug her at work. I'll e-mail you later!

alex said...

hi, i'm french and i'm wandering what is Laguna beach? i don't know what is it... for me it's just the hotel where i spent my holydays in Bulgaria but i don't think that is the same thing! lol

Erin Murphy said...

hi, i'm french and i'm wandering what is Laguna beach?
Hi Satine-
Laguna Beach is a TV program on MTV that follows a group of high school kids. Each season is one school year. Kind of a guilty pleasure & I like watching because my oldest son graduated from LBHS so I know the kids & all the locations they visit.