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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Am I A Geek?

I'm sure you've all seen the lines of people waiting to pick up one of the latest cool game systems. I've seen stories on the news about shootings and people being robbed while they wait. I've also heard about people camping out for days in tents. It reminds me of when the Star Wars movies come out & you see all the people in costumes waiting for the very first screening. If you're like me, you probably wonder: Who ARE those people? Well, today I was one of the "line people". I got "insider info" about a shipment coming to my local Best Buy that would be released this morning. Did I camp out? Of course not, I'm not totally crazy! I thought the store opened at 8:00 (chalk it up to bad info, from a confused employee), so I got there at 7:45. There was already a line of about 100! I guess my "inside source" was a little loose lipped. The store was only supposed to get 12, but I decided to wait. Even if I couldn't get a system, I could still do some holiday shopping. An employee came out & made an announcement that there were 63 systems & they would be checking drivers licenses since they would only be selling one per household. Guess what, I was number 63! I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but number 64 (right behind me) was not too pleased.


Jerry said...

Hahahah! Read my blog about the same subject, a local was paying someone to stand in line for him. I didn't do it, but I did buy three TMX Elmos on Ebay when they first came out. Now I am trying to sell them again. I never camped out for tickets/toys but I did arrive very early when The Bee Gees concert went on sale in 1978 and stood in line for a few hours. I was 13.

Erin Murphy said...

Ahh The Bee Gees, I had a crush on their little brother, Andy Gibb, for about a week in Junior High.

Brophtron said...

Not too bad for showing up 15 minutes early. And good going getting it at Best Buy - I've got their stock in my portfolio.

Of the new systems out there, the Wii looks the most promising. I'll be too busy to worry about not having one before Christmas - I can wait until after the holidays are over.

Good score, though, Erin!

alex said...

waou!!! how lucky you are! as we say in France "c'est un vrai coup de bol!"

Octolad said...

I can read the tabloid treatment now: "Erin Murphy stands in long line to take a Wii." :^)

Erin Murphy said...

Alex, Does "c'est un vrai coup de bol!" translate to "That's such luck"?

alex said...

Ohhh well done!!! you're right. do you speak french???

Marlo said...

Ahh I'm so jealous! :3
Heehee, I love Andy Gibb and his brothers.

The only time I ever stood in line for a gaming system was when the DS came out. Well, my dad waited, so I could have it at Christmas, PLUS he got $10CAD off! :3

Enjoy your wii!

Out of curiosity, which games did you buy? Did you just stick to Wii sports, or did you get any other games? LOZ Twilight Princess looks REALLY good, I might get it for my 'cube.