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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Improving The Wheel?

A few years ago, Dean Kamen hyped an invention that he described as "being bigger than the Internet or the PC". It was nicknamed "Ginger" and it was supposed to change life as we knew it. Well, Segways were introduced to much fanfare and now they're EVERYWHERE!! Just kidding, I've seen them in a couple cities used by mailmen or police officers, but I don't know anyone who owns one. I took a spin on a Segway last week & it's really fun, but not really a practical mode of transportation (where would you put the groceries?).
I did come across another transportation advance that can only be described as genius. On Tenerife they have automatic sensors on the escalators. You approach the escalator and your foot triggers a sensor that automatically starts it. Then the escalator stops a minute after you get off. Works perfectly & probably saves a small fortune on electricity.


Octolad said...

Escalators that sleep when not needed? That's so cool I wish I'd thought of it.

Escalators are pretty awesome to begin with -- even when they're broken, they're stairs! :)

Jerry said...

I like the flat esculators (moving sidewalks). I see them mostly in Airports. I feel super human when walking on them. :) I get irritated when people stand in the middle and dont walk and wont allow you to pass. :( Never been on a Segway though.

alex said...
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alex said...

first, Segway must be very funny i'd like to try one day! lol
second, i'm surprised that americans don't have these escalators! you're always the first in the world to have these new technologies! even in France it exists! and everybody knows that France is often late whereas other developped countries! lol