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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Went For a Ride!

I've gotten several e-mails asking about the animals in the land I'm visiting. There are no kangaroos or koalas, but we did ride a camel! For anyone interested, a camel isn't a very smooth ride (quite a bit like a seesaw actually). Instead of saying giddup, the camel driver says something like "zhiggy zhiggy". Then the camel stands up and starts walking. Really an amazing, cool thing to try if you ever happen to be in camel country. Any new guesses where I am?


Kat said...

I guess Eqypt, or maybe Tunisia :)

Susannah said...

Red Sea?

DrBombay76 said...

I'm going to guess Morocco:)

Marlo said...

I have no freaking idea, so let's play the 'How many countries can Marlo name' game!

..i'm done, that's all I can think of.
I'll check out clues and stuff.
But I'm stupid, so I never get these..

melanie said...

It looks like you and D are filming an episode of the Amazing Race, perhaps ;^) I'm going to guess Saudi Arabia.

Brophtron said...

I would have guessed Australia from the other clue, but there are no kangaroos where you are, so that's not it. Egypt is a strange guess based on the ship you were just on, but not impossible. I'd say Chad, but nobody goes to Chad anymore. Is it Mozambique?

Brophtron said...

And if it's not Mozambique, my next guess is Madagascar.

Jerry said...

San Diego Zoo. It took 18 hours because traffic was bad. Am I Right?

toni Marano said...

Wow Erin you're getting around. Looks amazing!!! Are you really going to make me guess? I don't think I even passed my geography classes. Where are you??