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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Joy of Motherhood!

People are always asking me what my license plate means. SC actually stands for several things. I love Southern California, I love USC college football (Fight On!). I'm also fond of Santa Claus & sugar cookies, but more importantly I LOVE six children!

But occasionally children can do things that make even a loving parent a little upset. You know the incident will eventually be a funny family story, but it hasn't quite made it there yet. When I was a kid, I loved the story about how when my Uncle Jimmy was a little boy he thought he was a magician & made all the clothespins disappear in the toilet. I'm sure it wasn't so funny for my grandparents who had to dig up all the pipes in their front yard. Well, one of my children (who shall remain nameless) recently discovered the "magic toilet" & made one of my favorite necklaces (pictured above) vanish. Somehow, the clothespin story no longer seems so amusing.


Brophtron said...

Erin, that is one sweet ride - you've seen pictures of my car, so it's nice to see your 'vert. That's too bad about the necklace, but now you have a really great story to tell! OK, I guess you'd rather have the necklace back.

J-Liz & GEM said...

Okay, you're story reminded me of a cartoon that I watched growing up. It was called Tiny Toons and was about the "legacies", I guess, of bigtime Warner Bros. Stars. There was a real funny about one of the characters when he was a duckling, and he finally learned about the "potty." He was so fascinated by this that he precedes to flush every thing in the house..."down the hole." Thought I'd share, I wish I could find it, because I would totally show you. :) Have a good day.