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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HGTV: Rate My Space!

HGTV has a fun new feature on their site where you can upload photos of your home & readers will "rate" it! You can show off your interior decorating skills or ask questions like "What color should I paint my walls?" If you're shy about sharing, you can also browse rooms for inspiration.


alex said...

is it you're kitchen? because I find it so beautiful! It must be a real pleasure to cook in there! :D

George said...

that is a very pretty kitchen. Seems like at a party everyone would end up in the kitchen. I love your stove. You have very good taste.

Jim said...

Hi Erin,
Nice kitchen, it has great flow. the countertops are great, Is this you and your husband's place?

Archer said...

Wow nice kitchen! what a gigantic refridgerator i bet you can stock it full of healty foods so your children will never be hungry.... You are SOOOO Blessed!