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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I-Tunes: Free Means Free!

I was late to the whole i-pod thing. My introduction to i-pods came when I won a video i-pod at my sisters' company holiday party (a fact that didn't seem to please the actual employees). My i-pod holds 30G (which I think is higher than my computer). How in the world could I ever fill it?
I-Tunes to the rescue! Every week I-Tunes offers free downloads (songs, TV shows, short films, etc.). This week, 6 episodes of Sesame Street are free (TV shows are normally $1.99).
The big secret (at least to i-pod novices like myself), you don't need an i-pod to receive the free downloads, just a computer. You never know when you might need to entertain a toddler!

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alex said...

Thanks for the tip! And you know in France Sesame Street can be useful for really really bad english speakers! Though I'd like to download those free episodes, can you give me the link please since in France we don't have free downloads on I-Tunes (which is a bit unfair!). Sometimes I baby sit for 2 little boys who understand a little bit english, I guess their parents would be glad if I bring that! ;)