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Monday, April 30, 2007

Hats Off To William Shatner!

Frequently when a celebrity lends their support to a charity you hear about it everywhere. But I think just as often, anonymous checks are sent or good deeds go unnoticed. Well, right here in my own backyard, William Shatner has quietly been hosting a charity horse show for the last 17 years! We had the pleasure of attending & it was truly inspiring (& really fun too!). The kids loved the stunt riders & I got teary as a beautiful little girl with Down's Syndrome did an equestrian routine to Wind Beneath My Wings. Usually (despite the best intentions) only a portion of the proceeds at these events actually make it to the recipient. But Mr. Shatner has been able to get everything donated so every penny that comes in, goes right back out. The recipients are Ahead With Horses: a therapeutic riding program that provides services for children with disabilities and developmental disorders & Camp Max Straus: an amazing facility that provides a camping experience for underprivileged children.
You might wonder which of Bill's celebrity friends showed up...Leonard Nimoy? James Spader?
Nope. In no particular order: Scott Hamilton (One of my favorite ice skaters, & I'm not embarrassed to admit I have favorites!), Gary Busey (, Rick Dees (, Jimmy Kimmel ( & Karen Black (


Archer said...

i hope you were able to get some Captain Kirk autographs for your favorite ex-husband!

Jerry said...

Karen Black.. really? That reminded me to share with you this obscure video of her... <--Link to YouTube