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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Agnes Moorhead Knits!

People always ask me when I got interested in knitting. One of the most frequent things I hear when I'm knitting in public is 'knitting is a lost art'. Let me start by telling you about my earliest memories of knitting, long before I owned alpacas & decided to start Erin Murphy Knits. One of my fondest memories of childhood is sitting and watching Agnes Moorehead knit. Since my only living grandma lived a plane ride away, Agnes was my Grandmama that I got to see every day. She would tell me stories about how she had loved to do needlework since she was a little girl. I loved watching her knit and listening to her stories. Today when I knit, I frequently flash back on those fond childhood memories. Knitting is the perfect activity on a film/ television set where there are long periods of inactivity. Lots of current actresses knit on set: Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Debra Messing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks & Madonna. Lost art indeed!! Thought you might enjoy some photos of a few Hollywood legends who had a passion for knitting as well:
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Kyle Hunter said...

Great story Erin - loved it! A couple of knit stories for you. My first job in Hollywood was as a Page at CBS Television City. Legendary host Gene Rayburn, of 'Match Game' was always knitting between shows and knitted the entire time he was on a jet traveling each week to his home back East - he loved knitting. Vanna White, hostess of 'Wheel of Fortune" was always knitting on set between shows too. Take care. Love, Kyle =)

Kristi_Zehr said...

Vanna White also crochets. I have several of her books of her crochet patterns, I love them!! Crochet is also a lost art. I love that you knit, I tried it many times but found that I had a better talent for crochet. Both are a wonderful way to relax.