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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Social Media Bootcamp

I'm all about continuing education. It's impossible to know everything about everything. Some topics, like social media are constantly changing as new technologies surface. So let me share some of my favorite tips from Social Media Bootcamp. It's always nice to put an active link in your posts, something for people to click on. To put a link, remove the "www" & put http:// . That way your readers don't have to copy & paste the url, they'll be able to click directly on the link. Some Social Media sites, like Twitter, limit the length of your tweets, so you'll need to shorten your links. A really cool link shortener is You simply enter your link & Bitly will provide you with a shortened link, analytics & also a QR code & it's totally free! One of my favorite concepts to keep in mind about social media is that it's "social". No one wants to be talked at, there needs to be some interaction & communication. Don't forget, keep all your posts light, bright & polite! What are your favorite social media tips?


mike66604 said...

Hi Erin. Great picture. I was wondering how I could get an autographed picture of you ? I would love to have one.


Joselle said...

Light, bright & polite: words to live by!