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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Montblanc Princesse Grace De Monaco Collection

Oscar Week of 2012 was overwhelming & exhausting. I was as giddy as a little girl to be invited to 18(!!) Gifting Suites & Parties, but then the unimaginable happened. I became SICK. Not a little cold, no problem, kind of sick. But 103 degree fever, coughing, delirious sick. By Saturday, I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't drive & also couldn't possibly miss the party that I was most excited about: Oscar Champagne Brunch at the Bel Air Hotel to introduce the Montblanc Princesse Grace De Monaco Jewellery & Watch Collection. I attempted to put makeup on in the car as Darren drove. The event was even more spectacular than I had imagined. Hollywood stars past & present filled the space: Teri Hatcher, Rosario Dawson, Donna Mills, Morgan Fairchild, Rosanna Arquette, Giada DeLaurentis, Robin Tunney, Kate Mara, Lydia Hearst, Petra Nemcova, Kate Flannery, Sharon Laurence, Kelly Carlson, etc. etc. I was too sick to eat the lavish Wolfgang Puck brunch, but it looked delicious. I've always considered Grace Kelly to be the most beautiful actress ever and the Montblanc collection is a lovely tribute to her. The pieces are in the shape of rose petals, the rings have three intertwined bands to symbolize her three children. Her son Prince Albert was there as well. One of the highlights was sitting with Tippi Hedren who graciously invited me out to visit her Shambala Preserve. Let's hope she doesn't catch my cold & change her mind!

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Kat said...

Such gorgeous pieces. I especially love the pens!