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Friday, February 24, 2012

Breaking Bad

photo credit: Araya Diaz Every year Darren & I tryout a new series, that we somehow missed. Once it's won a bunch of awards & has our friends talking, we decide to give it a try. It's nice starting a series after it's been out for awhile because you can rent the 1st season DVD & watch a little marathon. We've done this with Damages, Mad Men & next is Breaking Bad. I took a break from Oscar Week festivities to attend a Breaking Bad event at the Television Academy last night & the series looks truly "addictive"! For those with wardrobe questions, I'm wearing a brown Michael Kors dress, Stuart Weitzman leopard wedge sandals, Alexander McQueen Novak bag & a Minky Couture scarf (that was given to my dog Zuma earlier in the day. The scarf is super soft & Zuma was photographed in it before I was!).

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Kat said...

I love the idea of picking a show you've missed. I do this to an extent although my habit is to pick them, get really in to the show only to find out its been axed in America. sometimes it happens by accident and the show only makes it over here after the axe has fallen which can be annoying! maybe I should pay more attention to American ratings before I pick shows.