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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


OK, I don't hate ALL moths. How can I hate something so closely related to a butterfly? I like watching moths flitter around the outside lights in the summer. I also like finding those weird mutant moths that are the size of a soccer ball. To be specific, what I hate are the individual moths who made a meal out of one of my favorite dresses. These moths were so stealth and crafty that I didn't even know what they'd done until I was out IN PUBLIC leaving a meeting. I felt a sudden draft and realized that the entire back of my dress was disintegrating leaving me completely exposed! It was like something out of an R rated episode of I Love Lucy as I attempted to use my purse to cover myself.


Zehr_Family said...

LOL!! Don't mean to laugh about this but can't help it. What a great story you have shared, thank you. Makes me feel better about a similar incident where the crotch of my pants split from front to back.

Melissa Fassett said...

Hi Erin,

I am a lifetime fan of Bewitched. I am 43 years old and to this day this tv series is one of my most favorite.

A year or so ago I introduced my 7 year old daughter Christina to this series, she is hooked. Christina especially likes the episodes with Tabetha. She is a big fan of your character, so much so she named her Lee Middleton doll Tabetha. I am so enjoying revisiting the old series via the DVD box'd sets...Thanks for putting those out on the market.

Christina and I were curious as to what has happened to the old cast. You being our favorite we looked you up first. What a surprise 6 boys, and a husband named Darren. A real fun fact. It seems you are doing well, so glad to are still ever so beautiful.

I love watching the old episodes and sharing with my daughters all of the clothes, toys, and decorations I recognize from my child hood.

This internet stuff is pretty amazing, I wonder if you really get these or if they just go out into cyber space. Kinda fun to think you might just read this......All the best to you and your family.

Take Care,
Melissa and Christina Fassett

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I had to chuckle at this story myself, Erin. Thanks for sharing as this is the kind of thing that would happen to me. I guess you were lucky TMZ wasn't there. You probably spiced up the meeting a bit with your fashion statement.