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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's Spring, my favorite time of year. Full of promise. We've been spending every weekend in the garden planting and battling the bunnies. I love all the rabbits in our yard, as long as they don't eat my roses! For the first time ever, I've planted a vegetable garden: several varieties of tomatoes, sugar snap peas, pickles(okay, cucumbers really...but my kids love pickles!) and pretty in pink strawberries. Can't wait to post photos of our first harvest.


Keith said...

You are so lucky - I live in Canada and we will have to wait a few weeks before we can plant. I've tried to make a rule that I only eat things that are grown or raised within a 5 mile radius, so I'm looking more forward to my garden this year than ever before. I knew I should have moved to the US when I had the chance! Thanks for the update.

GaryB said...

Hi Erin,
Nothing betters home grown vegies. Most of my peas never make it to the table, mostly eaten straight from the plant.
Good luck with the garden (and the bunnies). I am looking forward to some photos.
Continued best wishes as always.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

As a professional it is always nice to see people gardening. We had our first vegetable garden in upteen years last season. It was well worth the effort. You are lucky you get to garden in SoCal. The season is a lot longer and things grow better. Best of luck with the plantings.

Very nice flower picture, BTW. Love the color of that rose.

Erin Murphy said...

Digital Flower Pictures,
Surprisingly the flower pictured isn't a rose, it's a Pretty In Pink strawberry plant. The flowers are pretty enough for it to be an ornamental, but the strawberries are delicious and ever bearing.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Ah, I can see that now. there is actually a little green berry in the picture. We use 'Pink Panda' strawberry sometimes as a ground cover but it doesn't seem to have as nice a color as this one. Thanks for the correction.