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Friday, September 05, 2008


It's quite a coincidence that the new series 90210 premiered the same week that Dr. 90210 launched his skin care line. While I haven't seen the new 90210 series yet (I tivoed it, so will get to it eventually), we did attend the launch party for Dr. Rey's skin care, Sensual Solutions. On the way to the party we stopped for a quick bite at my favorite sushi restaurant in the world, Matsuhisa. I've been going there about 15 years & every time i eat there, I see someone famous. I've dined next to David Bowie & Iman & Heather Locklear & Ritchie Sambora borrowed my husband's cell phone once. This night was no exception, midway thru dinner a tall, pretty blonde entered wearing a black silk bathrobe looking jacket with something that looked like a gold dragon sequined on the back. She walked over to her table & her date stood & hugged her for at least thirty seconds. It was a really sweet moment. Then I realized who they were; Heidi Klum & Seal!
By the way, I'm not a patient of Dr. 90120. Anyone who watches his show will know, that's the other Tabitha Stephens!

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