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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Celebrity Wrestling Video

Hulk has just posted the first video from HHCCW on his website. On his main page, click on the third video. By the way, how cool is our animated banner? I told Dustin he must have bribed the animator to get those biceps. Let me know what you think!


GaryB said...

Hi Erin,
Luv the line about having 6 kids.
I hope those tears were only for Drama.
For your fans outside of the US, heres a press release-
LOS ANGELES, September 4: Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television has signed a distribution deal with ShineReveille International for the new series Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling.
ShineReveille International will sell both the format and finished tape for eight one-hour episodes of the competition series, set to air Saturday nights in October on Country Music Television.
ShineReveille will offer international buyers a preview of the series at the upcoming London Screenings on September 8 and will officially unveil the series at MIPCOM in October.
“ShineReveille is thrilled to be partnering with Bischoff Hervey across such a uniquely exciting property,” said Chris Grant, the president of ShineReveille International. “Hulk Hogan is an international sensation and this format showcases him and other celebrities in an action-packed hour that will deliver for international buyers.”

David said...

I'm so stoked to watch now! But I was ticked at Danny seemingly making you cry...:(

Brophtron said...

Whoo! First episode aired yesterday. You looked great! I thought they were a little hard on Tiffany, but you were in no danger of getting kicked off this week for sure! You definitely brought it.