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Friday, August 29, 2008

The 60's...Man!

I just shot a segment for a national PBS telethon. Tune in on September 13th for the three hour special live from San Francisco. The telethon will focus on the 60's & feature music & educational programming. Others taping with me were Leonard Nimoy, Carl Reiner, Susan Olsen, Charlene Tilton, Johnny Whitaker, etc. etc. It's so interesting listening to others reminisce about the 60's. I realized that most of the bands I could think of from the 60's started with the word "THE": Beatles, Stones, Doors, Who. Since I'm a California girl, I've always been partial to The Beach Boys. Speaking of which, I went to a screening the other night at the Writer's Guild for a really great film called The Wrecking Crew. It's about a group of Los Angeles session musicians who played on virtually every famous song of the era. The film is currently playing the festival circuit, but if you have a chance to see it, I'd highly recommend it.
If you're a huge fan of PBS (like I am), tune in on 9/13 & show them your support!

1 comment:

GaryB said...

Hi Erin,
Once again your most devoted Australian fan will miss out on this appearance because it won't be shown here.
It is fantastic that you have been included in this telethon. Reading between the lines this means that you are classed as a "60's Icon". Great stuff!!