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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Teacher Appreciation Day

Tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day. They've taken a survey & by an overwhelming majority, the teachers have said that the gift they most appreciate is a heartfelt letter from their students or parents. Teacher Appreciation Day makes me think of all the teachers I've had over the years: the Good, the Bad & the just plain...Odd. For the Good, I immediately think of Mr. Alexander, my 6th grade teacher who told fascinating stories & read O. Henry books to the class. I also think of Ms. Girault, my favorite teacher ever (English in Junior High) who encouraged me to write & let me babysit her beautiful daughters (with equally beautiful names: Genvieve & Giselle). I didn't even complain when she only paid me 75 cents an hour (way below the going rate of $1). For the Bad, no one compares to my junior high art teacher, Ms. Costello, who brutally told me that I had no artistic ability & was wasting my time & her time! All these years later I still think she was awful! Just goes to show how biting comments can stay with you. For the Odd, I automatically think of one of my College Instructors who taught the oddly named course: Challenges Of Leisure. A typical class involved an evening field trip to a dark side of town where we'd hang out with prostitutes and drug dealers. I'm still not sure if he was promoting that as an appropriate way to fill our free time or perhaps just an alternative. In retrospect, I guess I'm lucky that the tabloids didn't run an article suggesting that I was turning tricks!

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