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Friday, May 04, 2007

Be My Friend!

I know I'm way too old and not cool enough to be on MySpace, but one of my dearest friends set up a profile for me and I'm going to use it.
So the next step is getting friends (since that seems to be the "goal" on MySpace). Most folks seem to have thousands of cyber friends & I currently have 1. If you're familiar with MySpace, you probably know that my first friend "Tom" isn't even a real person. Well, I suppose he's a real person, but he's not technically my friend. But I think on MySpace, the word "friend" is used rather loosely.
But with that said, please be my MySpace "friend".


Brophtron said...

You know, I was just checking something on MySpace and was wondering if you were going to have a "presence" there. So imagine my surprise when I checked your blog and found a link to your new MySpace page. You had 3 friends when I got to the page and you're up to 9 so far. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin. How are you today? Well and happy I hope. :) I've emailed you on several occassions, to this site an also on your MySpace site. Never received any replies. You getting them?

Craig Haylett

Jerry said...

Wow! 311 Friends thus far. You have some quite impressive ones on your top friends list, however, I doubt Paul McCartney, Marlo Thomas or Robert Deniro ever have visited myspace. LOL It's a fun tool to keep up with old friends and make new ones. I have a pic of you and I in my photo gallery on there. I'll have to add you as one of my "top friends" =)


Emmett said...

I am glad to be your friend now on Myspace and to find out what happened to that cute little girl who captured all of America's hearts with your behavior and smile! You are still as beautiful as ever and I am glad you are doing well and enjoying life! Take care!