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Monday, March 05, 2007

Out of The Mouths of Babes!

My little boy was telling me that one day he'd like to have a pony named "Steve". I told him that I'd never met a pony named Steve. I asked where he'd gotten the name (since there are no Steves in his class & I couldn't think of any cartoons with a Steve). He told me it was from Shrek. He elaborated by saying the donkey in Shrek says "I'm your Noble Steve". He meant "Noble STEED". Isn't that cute? What are the odds that I'd have two donkey posts in a row?


snowfly606 said...

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Octolad said...

"Noble Steve" -- how adorable!

When my good friend was a very little girl, she overheard her mother fretting to a neighbor on the phone about the new "Sears/Roebuck" that was coming to their neighborhood. My friend heard "Sears Robot," and lost a great deal of sleep worrying that some evil automated creature was on its way to her neighborhood to wreak havoc. What goes "into the ears of babes" makes what comes out of the mouths so funny!

Brophtron said...

Well if your son gets a pony, may it truly be a Noble Steve.

alex said...

Oh! it's so cute! it's exactly why I'm really fond of young kid... They're always saying adorable things