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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deja Vu

As much as things change, they stay the same. I'm in Palm Springs for a few days & everyone is talking about how much it's evolved in the last few years. Granted, there are beautiful resorts & great shopping. The lux Merv Griffin Resort has transformed into the ultra funky "Parker" (if you ever have a chance to try a Kobe beef slider, I'd highly recommend it.). But, Palm Springs is still the picturesque, quaint desert town where I learned to swim when I was a very little girl. I experienced the same sense of deja vu on my recent trip to Sunset Gower Studios. It's undergoing a multi million dollar renovation & all I could think was "Oh my gosh, the big doors on Stage 3 are exactly the same!".


Gerry Porter said...

Hi Erin: So when is the DVD lead in you did at Sunset Gower Studios going to be available???
best regards, Gerry
PS. did you see the photos I took during your visit that Saturday??? if not , call me

alex said...

Hi Erin, I'm surprised with "deja vu"'s spelling. I thought you'd spell it with accents you know "déjà vu". I've learn smth today... ;)

Erin Murphy said...

You're correct, but my computer doesn't have the correct accent marks.