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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fashion Update & Exciting VH1 News!

Here's a photo backstage at the fashion show wearing Jeran Designs "Playboy" gown. I'm pictured with one of the designers, Jerry Skeels. No negative comparisons to Joan Collins please (I didn't have the benefit of airbrushing).
Exciting News!
I just got a call that I'm shooting a pilot in a couple days for VH1. No details yet (I don't want my possible future employer mad at me).


Georgie E. Montgomery said...

Absolutely fabulous picture! No airbrush needed!
Congrads on the pilot! Here's to success!

Kat said...

That picture is amazing and you look absolutely beautiful - definitely no need for airburshing

Congrats on the pilot :)

alex said...

You look great!And congratulations on the pilot!!

Oyeboi said...

Stunning! My only quibble is that you didn't wear pantyhose:(

Any chance you'll use the name Erin Dunckel on your TV show?

DrBombay76 said...

Airbrushing nothing!!! You look GORGEOUS!!! Jessica Rabbit and Joan Collins got nothing on you:)

And congrats on the pilot! I can't wait to see it:)

Nicole said...

Hey Erin,
It's an old high school aquiantance. I was just browsing around classmates and saw you and thought I'd pop in to say hello.


Check out my novel All Encompassing Trip on Amazon.

Nicole said...

I guess I should have said this is Nicole Del Sesto

Brophtron said...

Erin, you look great in the dress. Awesome picture. And great news about VH1 - I'm sure you'll do great!

Jerry said...

Nice photo Erin and good luck with the VH1 project!

Jerry said...

Nice photo Erin and congratulations on the VH1 project!

Carlston said...

Joan Who?
You look fantastic!
Any chance of you returning to Spooky World 2008? Under new ownership, it is now located at the Bayside expo center in Boston, MA and features a short film festival as well!
Peace and serenity,