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Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Hollywood Museum: Marilyn Monroe Exhibit

We went to the opening party for the Marilyn Monroe Exhibit this week at the Hollywood Museum. The museum is in the iconic Max Factor building, where Marilyn became a blonde & Lucy became a redhead! The exhibit is to honor not only Marilyn's birthday, but also the 50th anniversary of her passing. If you've never been to the Hollywood Museum (which I'm embarrassed to admit I hadn't) RUN, don't walk! The museum is positively enormous, full of costumes, props, photographs & memorabilia. The Marilyn Exhibit will be there from June 1- September 2nd. Photographer George Barris was at the party with some of his never before seen pictures of Marilyn on display.
The exhibit has everything from Marilyn's costumes, to her actual refrigerator.
Also on display are the Marilyn costumes from the hit series Smash. For those interested in party food details, they were top notch! Caviar, shrimp, a mashed potato bar, champagne & tequila bars & an entire floor for desserts!
They also had "themed" cocktails. I tried the 'Happy Birthday Mr. President': 2 oz Akvinta Vodka, 1/2 oz Campari, 1 oz fresh grapefruit juice.
To further illustrate the everlasting appeal of Marilyn the crowd was extremely diverse, including old Hollywood stars, Gloria Allred & Selena Gomez! Selena was on the red carpet next to me & when I tried to explain to my husband who she was, he replied "Is she I Carly?".


Kat said...

Wow that place looks incredible. Maybe one day when if I ever get to visit America I'll be able to go.

Sofia said...

Wow! Is this really you?!?!? I became a fan of Bewitched last and it is my favourite show, I bought all the the seasons from Big W and I researched a lot about the show and I was starting a book about the show but had to stop because of school. I hope you have a great day!