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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bewitched Memories: Dr. Bombay & Tabitha Visit Howard Stern!

People always ask who I stayed in touch with after Bewitched ended. One of the relationships that I've really enjoyed is with Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay). We've had the pleasure of attending many, many events together over the years, traveling & sharing meals. We also share the same wicked sense of humor, which can be seen in our visit with Howard Stern. How many "Dick" jokes can you count in our 10 minute interview? For those interested in what Howard Stern is "really like", I've done his show three times & he is extremely smart, charming & a total gentleman! Photo credit: ABC Archives.


David said...

Thanks for sharing this you have others from your other appearances?

arjun said...

did liz montgomery ever see the dicks again after bewitched ended?