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Monday, August 24, 2009

In Living Color!

I was reading to my youngest son about the history of Sesame Street, which happens to be celebrating it's 40th season. The story featured lots of photographs, including a black and white shot with Bill Cosby. He asked me what year the photo was from & I guessed somewhere around 1970. My dear little boy asked "When did color start Mommy?". I explained about color television and photographs. I told him that when I was young, lots of people only had black and white television sets and NBC had an animated peacock that would open it's tail with a voiceover that said "The following program is brought to you in color". My sister Diane & I called it the "following peacock". After I'd finished explaining, he said "I mean when did color come to the earth,like the sky and the trees?". My sweet little son thought that the entire world was black and white in 1970.


DPJ626 said...

You mean 40 years ago, not 30! And being a little older than you, I thought color was invented in 1960, at least that's what I thought growing up.

David said...

What a cute story! And I love that you were educating him about Sesame Street, one of the greatest shows ever! I always wished that you would've guested on it as Tabitha.

BTW, Sesame Street is actually celebrating 40 years:)

Erin Murphy said...

I stand corrected, 40th season! It's Sesame Street Live that's in it's 30th season.

joolzmac said...

Hello Erin

Just found your blog while surfing. I didn't know you were my age. I grew up watching Bewitched and then loved the re-runs over the years. I am also surprised to see that you bear a striking resemblence to dear Elizabeth Montgomery. Long blonde hair and fresh smile. It's nice to see you're living a nice life after being a TV child star. Best wishes,


Rob said...

I remember Sesame Streets first year. I was too old to watch it then( 6th grade)but my brother and sister loved it.

My children are growing up now and my oldest is 18 and decided to move across town to his grandparents house. I hope you dont mind my venting a bit here, but please keep your children away from addictive games as much as you can.

My son became addicted to SecondLife while visiting my parents. Basically that is why he is living away from us now.

Thanks for your site.

Nashville, Tn

Jerry said...

I love the innocence of youth, I want mine back!!

I use to get up close to the TV and try to look inside the TV to see "around corners". And I always wondered why families only sat on three sides of the table. :)

Mike Barer said...

I think Bewitched was black and white until the "new Darren" came along.

Erin Murphy said...

Mike wrote- I think Bewitched was black and white until the "new Darren" came along.
Actually, Bewitched started filming in color the first episode of the third season. Dick York filmed two years in black and white, three years in color.

Rob said...

This may be a loaded question and I understand if you don't answer.

Who was your favorite "TV" Dad, and why?

Mike Barer said...

Thanks Erin,today I just saw an episode with you and the original Darren in color. I stand corrected.

Kevin Smith said...

You are hot thats all I wanted to say... nice blog btw