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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Joys of Summer

Do you remember Otter Pops? Of course you do, they're still around. I'm a fan of Strawberry Short Kook. There are so many things that I love about summer, but today while watching my kids invent new dives (Look I'm a pencil! I'm a question mark!), I realized that not many people have diving boards anymore. I wonder if they were deemed too unsafe, like those merry-go-rounds that used to be on every school playground and now you only see in deserted parks. When I was little, we had a diving board and our parents also got one of those big fiberglass pool slides. Boy, did we have fun with that! These days, it seems like people only have rockslides that look like something you'd find at a 5 star resort. Since my childhood home is only a couple miles from our current home, I drove by and took a peek in the backyard. The pool's still there, but no diving board or slide! Oh, well.
Another thing that I'm enjoying this summer are popsicle stick jokes. Example: Where do actors go camping? The Holly Woods! Is that funny, Mommy? Yes, it is.
Summer is all about the simple pleasures. Put on some sunscreen and Enjoy!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

:lol: I haven't seen Otter Pops in a couple of decades.

alisa said...

Hi Erin,
Jaden has been wanting to enjoy "The Joys Of Summer" with your little darling. All I get is the fax sound. Call me beofre summer slips away and school starts (Ugh) and/or before J drives me nuts about C.

dej2 said...

Oh, yummy. My favorite was the green Otter Pop.

Monkey Gal said...

Oh Man, SO many awesome Otter Pop memories from my brother's Little League games. I can't wait until my 18-month old son is old enough to enjoy them without giving me a heart attack at the thought of all the clothes he'll be ruining. I liked the lime best!