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Friday, February 01, 2008

Groomer Has It!

Yesterday my enormous Leonberger puppy Zuma & I spent a fun day taping an episode for a new show on Animal Planet (think Project Runway for dog groomers). Being the reality TV fan that I am, I immediately recognized the loft as the same one used for America's Next Top Model Los Angeles. The host is Jai Rodriguez, the "Culture Vulture" from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I can't give out too many details, (since I signed a $1,000,000 non-disclosure form!). I'll let you know when to watch so you can see Zuma looking beautiful & me with absolutely no makeup on! Only on Animal Planet will they spend hours grooming the dogs & not even put powder on the humans.


alex said...

You absolutely don't need any make-up! you look just fine on the picture, so why not on TV? ;-)
best wishes

GaryB said...

Hi Erin,
Your "little" puppy has certainly grown since your August 15th post.
It is frustrating when you post upcoming media for yourself and we don't get it in Australia,so it is great to hear that you will make an appearance on Animal planet, because we get that here. Keep us posted.

Brophtron said...

Definitely keep us informed - just let us know when it's on and I'm sure you'll have an audience. I know you can't say much because of the NDA, but I'll be looking forward to the show, for sure.

Karen said...

Zuma is such a handsome puppy! I have two Leonbergers. Both are rescues - one came from a puppy mill situation. I now work with Leos In Need Rescue and we work to find the perfect home for wonderful Leos. Our web site is Maybe you would like to be a celebrity spokesperson for us! Keep us posted on Zuma.


Susan said...

Zuma is absolutely beautiful! I have 2 Leos, a female, Julie, who is nearly 6 yrs old and a male, Gable (named for Clark Gable) who will be 2 yrs old in July. They are such wonderful dogs and I hope you are enjoying Zuma as much as I enjoy my two! Thanks for sharing Zuma's pic! Unfortunately I missed the show, but I'm hoping to see it on a re-run! It's the talk of the Leonberger community!