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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cat Fight!

Today I came face to face with my "arch nemesis". Only 4 people will know what I'm talking about (and I suspect that I'm the only one who finds it hilarious). Let me share the story with the rest of you.
I'm a regular rotating panelist on the Reality Remix Weekend Show on the Fox Reality Channel( The panel typically consists of 2 women and 2 men. Since the host of the show is a woman, the other female spot alternates between me and an author named Anna David. They also throw in the occasional female reality show contestant (but that's irrelevant and only complicates my little story). A couple weeks ago, I received an e-mail from someone asking me if I'd ever met my "arch nemesis, Anna David"! Well, rest easy everyone, this weekend Anna David & I are on the panel together (3 girls & dear Joe Adalian from Daily Variety). Let me report that not only is Anna smart & funny, she has excellent taste (she loved my shoes)! Girls rule!


Brophtron said...

Well thankfully you only have one arch-nemesis; it's always a pain keeping up with all my arch nemeses (or is it arch-nemesises?). My latest one is one of the local firemen - at the local grocery store, they parked their truck blocking a lane; then when they came out, I let this one fireman get in front of me to buy the remainder girl scout cookies. He took the last of the Thin Mints and my real backup cookie, the Peanut Butter cookie.

I bought some other cookies, since I couldn't look foolish in front of a bunch of girl scouts, but never again will that fireman beat me out for my cookies. If only my niece were older and could be my link to my cookie supply!

I will still watch this weekend to see if any claws come out, or if there are any ice-dagger glares!

Octolad said...

I have a hard time imagining you with an "arch-nemesis." I remember how your TV mother caused your pigtails to deliver an (apparently) high voltage up his arms when he tugged them. Nowadays, I'd bet on your wit to handle such matters. And you obviously know better than the press whoever is or isn't your opponent. And you're right: Girls rule! :-)

annalytical said...

how do you feel about your arch nemesis now being your friend for life?!