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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Theater!

Last night I helped honor Carol Burnett at the Hooray For Hollywood High Event at the El Capitan Theater. The people in the audience had no idea of the chaos that happened before my appearance on stage. I was wearing a beautiful, but decidely snug, vintage dress. I went to reach for my cell phone on the floor of my car and heard a loud RIIIP! This wasn't something that could be quickly remedied, my entire backside was hanging out. I put out a plea on Facebook asking if any of my friends in Hollywood had a dress I could borrow. Annie Wood to the rescue! Literally five minutes later without even a glance in the mirror, I was changed into Annie's dress heading for the red carpet.
Carol Burnett was right behind me on the carpet, she probably would have gotten a chuckle if I'd flashed her. Onstage I talked about my long time TV rivalry with Carol, since Bewitched was on at the same time as the Carol Burnett Show. I admitted that I watched her show instead of mine.
Sadly Betty White had a terrible case of the flu, so Jane Lynch, who plays Carol Burnett's daughter on Glee, filled in. The event was amazing! The Hollywood High performing arts program is incredible and definitely deserves your support.

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