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Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome Back Mad Men

I missed you Don Draper & I'm happy to have you back! After a 17 month hiatus, the 2 hour Mad Men 'movie' didn't disappoint. I've been to a few parties over the years that have a "Zoobie Zoobie Zooooo" moment: where someone does something like get up in front of the group and sing & dance a completely choreographed routine. It may not come across as sexy, entertaining or adorable as planned, but it definitely leads to years of quiet giggles & inside jokes. It's always a little distracting to me when a character is suddenly replaced by a new actor, probably causes flashbacks to Bewitched. So in the opening scenes, I was confused why MJ Delfino was suddenly being called Bobby Draper. But in Hollywood it makes sense, the old Bobby, Jared Gilmore, has a big part on Once Upon A Time & Desperate Housewives is going off the air, so little Mason Vale Cotton needs a new job. I'm just glad they didn't replace Joan. What did you think of the new Mad Men episode?

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David said...

I LOVED the return!! I liked getting to meet Joan's mother and also see Joan as a mother. I liked all of Roger's snarky lines. I was dying during the dance at the party, but she is so hot, it was worth it!

However, I was sad that Betty wasn't a part of it. She's my favorite character. But I understand that January was out on maternity when they were filming.