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Sunday, January 08, 2012

We Vacuumed Our Dogs!

I'm not embarrassed to say that I asked for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. With a house full of kids & pets a vacuum cleaner is a necessity! Actually anything that keeps our home cleaner & more organized is a necessity. I received the amazing Dyson Animal with the pet grooming attachment. As soon as Darren & I took down all the Christmas decorations, we decided it was time to "vacuum the dogs". The attachment is similar to a dog slicker brush; but instead of leaving piles of hair all over the floor & stuck to our clothes, it cleverly sucks up the hair as you brush. I'd have to say the first time you use it is a two person job, but once Zuma & Lucky got used to it, they sat happily. I swear they smiled!


SoozGO said...

Ooh, I want one! I have a golden lab, and as you can imagine, my back patio is covered with golden fur. Can you buy one at the usual places (you know, Target, Home Depot, Petco, etc?)

Kat said...

Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous.

This looks like a pretty cool thing although I'm not sure it's available in the UK. I don't think my dog would go for it either as he's scared of the Hoover but I love grooming him and seeing different grooming tools.