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Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week

Yesterday, I chaperoned the fourth grade field trip, then we went to see a taping of The Doctors about autism. After the show, the Glee kids were waiting at the Paramount valet with us. They're all so cute (& all have brand new cars)!

Also, went out on a school night this week! I'm a girl who usually falls asleep watching TV with my hubby around 10:00 PM. Went to see Mark Ballas (Dancing With the Stars) sing at The Mint, then to see my friend Raven's show at Micky's & Candice Cayne at the Abbey. Grabbed a slice of pizza with friends before heading home. Since I spent the night nursing a club soda, I felt great at 6:00 AM the next day when I had to wake up to pack lunches and get the kids ready for school. I made the press: //

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eholz1 said...

Amazing. I am old (65). Used to watch "Bewicthed" on TV many moons ago when show was "new". Just discovered show running again (!) on WGN cable tv stn. The entertainment
quality of the show (including Erin and Diane) is amazing. Simple scripts, simple sets, consistent cast, prove that the quality of shows in this time period is alive an well, and (my opinion here) many times, superior to todays complex "hyped" run of the mill tv shows.
Thanks Erin, Elizabeth, and all the rest. I even get teary eyed!