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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Play Ball!

It's T-Ball season in Southern California! If you've never been to a T-Ball game, let me explain it for you. It's played by 5-6 year olds who have very limited knowledge of the sport. The ball is hit off a "tee", so no one strikes out. After the ball is hit, the coach "reminds" the hitter to run. Every player on the opposite team leaves their respective positions on the field & runs for the ball. The result is a large pile of little children. The sport, at least in the league where my kids play, is completely noncompetitive. The score is always a tie & the parents shout encouragement instead of orders. Definitely a fun way for a family to spend an afternoon. Play ball!


Katrina Louise said...

That game actually looks fun. There is nothing like that for kids around here - only a little kids footie league (which is ultra competitive) or the occasional school sports day or rounders match which again is really, really competitive. The kids on opposite teams jeer and shout at the others, the teams have battle cries and they play to win. The winning team lorded it over the losing team / teams for weeks afterwards. (GO GREEN HOUSE!)

ChefNick said...

Hi Erin,

My wife and I just watched an old episode of Bewitched (sorry, I know you get this all the time)-- the one where Darren's parents come over and you're manipulating apples and I just had to say, "I want one!" meaning you as a baby.

I was just blown away at how you were able to maintain in what was probably a hail of TV lights and strange people pretending they were your parents.

But you were the cutest little button child.

Thanks for making your childhood my continuing childhood.