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Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Likes Wine?

The correct answer is EVERYONE! OK, everyone over 21. You know how hard it is to find the perfect bottle of wine: one that you don't see at every grocery store, one that tastes great & is reasonably priced. Where do you go to find friendly wine merchants who will happily answer your questions & make you feel like family? Two of my favorite people in the entire world (my wonderful sister, Diane & her equally wonderful partner, Laura) have entered the wine business! Their new venture, Classic Vines, has just launched their website:
Since we've already agreed that EVERYONE loves wine, now you know where to shop for those "hard to buy for" folks on your Christmas list. Or get a couple bottles,some cheese & crackers & host your own holiday wine tasting party!


Michelle said...

Thanks for letting me know about their new venture. My husband and I love wine but my brother and his fiance are BIG fans. Just last May we went to Napa to check out what new wines. My aunt lives in Sacramento and I went to California every summer and I love it there. My brother travels all over the world and gets different wines. He is a airforce pilot. I will check out the site and let him know about it. Michelle:)
P.S. I found your site because of our love of Bewitched. I am sure that gets old for you. My children are young 2, 5 and 8 and it has given them an appreciation for timeless TV, in a world of violence. If you ever want to check out how the middle of the country is living check out my blog. :)

megat said...

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

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Tobacco Road Poet said...

I'm a fan of red wines. Shiraz or a good cabernet are my preferred drinks when I'm not drinking sake or moonshine. Strangely enough, I can drink beer, but I'm not crazy about it. IMHO, red wine has more health benefits.

Happy New Year!

Katrina Louise said...

Is the legal age for alcohol 21 in America then? It's 18 in England (woohoo I'm finally legal).

your blog is very cool and it's very interesting to know what you and your sister are up to now.

Mike Barer said...

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