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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CCW Backstage Interview


David said...

Erin, thanks for posting the video.

I have to say I'm still upset that you were voted out and totally thought you'd be brought back last week. I still feel like that could happen since you've been pretty "mums-the-word" lately...I know you can't spill the beans, but please say you're coming back!!! :))))

Digital Flower Pictures said...


I enjoyed both of the video clips you posted. You are an amazing woman. I haven't seen the show since my cable provider doesn't carry CMT but I am going to watch a few episodes via the link you posted (i'll probably print out the Hulk Hogan mask for my nephew :lol: )

I occasionally work for and have known for several years, the person that won Oprah's Big Give. Reality TV was very good to him!